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After installation 1st thing to do is to immunize a PC, only after that you can go with all other interesting options.

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A must for every investor. Been using the free version for a very long time. Business Checkout Added to cart.

Unknown to you Windows and third party software is constantly collecting and transmitting data from your computer. Anti-Beacon allows you to put an end to it. Telemetry Browser Office Misc Tools. More Buy now! Spybot Identity Monitor allows you to check if your data has been compromised.

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Email address Account names Passwords. More Donate! So it looks as if all those intimately concerned with SWB either haven't a clue what the trouble is or simply do not give a fig about the programs partially disabled items on the world's entire Chrome users population. It sounds like javacool wants to perform debugging analysis and look at looks via email with individual users instead of in public.

Good luck.

SpywareBlaster 5.0

If SWB as a reputable supplier cannot react to the problem their program has with the entire worlds Chrome users, then I can live without them quite happily and Javacool can engulf himself in sheer ecstasy with his individual email discussions until the Sun goes Bang. Did you update SpywareBlaster as suggested?

I'm not trying to rain on your rant You mentioned Avast is your anti-virus while I'm using Avira so I wonder if something in Avast is switching off the Chrome protection? If you read the Wilders links specified, you will see that I am not alone in being plagued by this problem and nobody has yet come up with an answer. This matter is now many months old and in my technical world that is more than enough time for the SWB engineers and technicians to have solved the issue.

By now, we should have a precise answer to the cause of this problem and a clear solution.. Not the hotch-potch of "do this or do that" which seems to be apparent. To prove this, I installed SWB version 5. The partially disabled Chrome items shown by SWB version 5.

So SWB version 5. Posted 07 November - PM. How do I add that in?

SpywareBlaster 5.0 released! - (Google Chrome users rejoice!)

Posted 08 November - AM. Having proved beyond any doubt that SWB 5. It is their Google Chrome Protection panel. I show this panel below for SWB 5. The corresponding SWB 5. Another mess with SWB 5. SpywareBlaster also includes a System Snapshot feature, which lets you take a snapshot of your computer in its clean state and later revert, undoing many changes made by spyware and browser hijackers. As far as I can see this programme does nothing unless we belive what they say. We cannot check its stopping anything. The person who wrote they had lots of spyware on their machine and then installed this programme to get rid of them is not telling the truth.

This programme is supposed to stop them coming in not get rid of the ones you already have. So who do we believe Does it really work it does not get rid of the ones you already have and you cannot tell if it is even doing anything at all. My PC became horribly infected and I almost did a complete system restore, but I decided to try this along with some other free programs and I'm glad I did.

SpywareBlaster is so transparent; you can't even tell its on your PC. I don't believe it uses any memory at all.

from BrightFort LLC

Not a problem anywhere; just incredible. Read reply 1. This is rubbish as its not a scanner. It stops them coming in so if you already have them it does not stop them so this is flawed. How do we even know if this is working as their is no way of checking it. I have been using for many years and find this to be an excellent extra program to help slow down the tide of crapware. I see when ppl say it didn't catch something that its no good, but the fact is nothing catches or cleans everything.

I find that using a couple of good antimalware programs is the way to go I have watched this app grow from stopping several hundred sites to several thousand. This may not be as useful with the newer O. Try it you got nothing to lose and everything to gain in the search to protect your computer. It's light weight easy to get along with and doesn't nag. It just does it's job. What more could I want? I haven't found any yet I guess it's pretty good. I'm trusting that it did and is still doing something.

It's hard to understand a program that actually does something very useful on my computer, yet doesn't eat up resources, bog things down, or annoy me in any other ways No spyware detection or removal capability. May occasionally block access to legitimate websites.

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  7. Manual definition file updates, so no real time protection. Intended as a complement to existing antivirus software, not as a replacement. Installed and updated,then next day ran a scan with norton and superantispyware and both found plenty of spyware. Read replies 2. Thank you ChoiceVoice for letting us know it only works for IE

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